Cloud Stones

July 31, 2013

Cloud stones “hit” onto my sketch book. (actually the effect of PS to my watercolor painting)

Just back from our holiday trip of this summer. Three of us go back to ordinary life again. Wei stays in Shanghai till the end of August. The little one and I play things we like at home.

A lot of thoughts of watercolor dots painting image in my mind. Brainstorming of later days’ painting is quite fun. I really like the simple sketches of what I can understand towards the drawing. I like drawing, particularly not the complicated ones. I like drawing and painting all in a line of simple and naive, pure and childish styles. The growing-up (progress in something) can be another meaning.

Keep cool! Recently watching TV series: パンとスープとネコ日和 《面包和汤和猫咪好天气》specially recommend~ the series version of the movie Kamome Shokudo 《海鸥食堂 》which is also performed by Satomi Kobayashi 小林聪美。


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