Where is my HOME

August 23, 2010

We had a big fight last night. I was so angry about Wei. He didn’t finish paper work in time as we have scheduled since last year, and he lied to me about that. Most of time, we are fine and happy with life in Shanghai except one thing between us: his homework; he hasn’t finished his study yet.

Sounds ridiculous…but it’s true. I feel upset and sad and weak.

If it were all planned well, we may have lived in a countryside in a small city of German, waiting for the arrival of the babe. While all this is unexpected now. I really do not like the big city. I have no idea why I have stayed in Shanghai for the whole year. I want go back to my hometown so eagerly and desperately, but under such circumstances, I can do nothing at all. Work work work, life life life, money money money, all these nuisances are around us.

Take me home, a place really called home.


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