February 25, 2011

Shot on the fight from Dalian to Shanghai

I decided to be a full-time mom.

Or to be exactly, be a half-time shop keeper of Bananafish bookshop and half-time mother of my baby. Everyday, Lele and I stay together all day along. We laugh and cry sometimes; fight and struggle sometimes; sleep and go out together; love and hate each other!

He is my angel and is my monster. He is my heaven and is my hell. I’m really not qualified to be a mother. Pregnancy is just staying with yourself, while afterwards, the happy journey ends up and i feel like falling into a hole. I cried to say out that I am too young to have a baby. I have so many things to do with my new Bananafish pool. But having another little man is such a different situation.

All my friends come to see me, i will try to persuade them not to have baby so early. While life is in front of you.

CHALLENGE AND SIMPLE, please. Crying tomato VS Little crying tomato.


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