Room and Room

December 19, 2012

My all-time-fav website Room and Room begins to repost its site and blog recently (after a long time waiting). I feel a sense of happiness and inner belongings to have it back to my life. To my surprise, it came out a little zine about it 48 rooms, a collection of rooms.

I always wonder why i am so obsessed with this website. Since when? Which could be dating back to the first beginning at the time when I constantly accessed to the internet in the year of 2006. An addiction to other people’s sometimes neat and most of time messy rooms, is the call of the recalling. I missed the days when I lived by my own. Since when I had a relationship with Wei and finally we got married, I lost something. Some hints of self-consciousness, to be the most important among those, that can clear myself towards real life.

Losing substitues missing.
I love old days.


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