2014 Bananafish Calendar

December 12, 2013

Some selected polaroid photos Wei and I took together. All took in different places and countries, when we were alone or fell in love with each other and moved to Paris for a while to know each other better.
You can have it here.

I still remember (or never forget) the first time we met accidentally online.

“Do you think today is particularly quiet?”
“Yeah, I can only hear bird tweeting over my window.”

This is the beginning of our story. No hi, no greetings, just like we have been friends all the time. I love that romantic moment.

Colourful Life

August 2, 2013

Cannot wait to tell you this stop motion movie produced by me and my husband Wei! To memorize the summer of 2013, Bananafish Books is living a colourful life in a new city and a happy daily life over here.
Will come soon in our online shop‘s header screen.

/// /// /// ///

August 1, 2013






Recently made magnetic bookmark for the book I am reading: 《小银和我》by Spanish poet Juan Romon Jimenez. Thank you for my dear little crying tomato that helped the shooting. Cutie little hands, I particularly love the fifth one.

Rainy days

June 29, 2013

“I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying.”
― Charles Chaplin


January 26, 2013

Good day, good night.


January 22, 2013

Bananafish studio.


January 20, 2013

My new paper dot bracelet.

The Paper Menagerie

January 17, 2013

A short story and paper crafts are today’s afternoon.
I really love this story by Ken Liu. You can read Chinese version from my right sidebar.


January 16, 2013

Dots rain. It is raining here.

I bought a dot cutter. It will bring a lot of fun for my vocation I think!

Falling leaves…


July 10, 2012

New book published by A Perfect Book this July.

Blink…biu…, we are living in another city, my hometown Nanchang. Say goodbye to Dalian, goodbye my blue shop. While I did not feel blue for that. Giving up something is to make up, to make more than before. I found a job here as an English teacher and Wei is trying to find his. We have a regular family life now.

The studio and the online shop stay as it is. We do not expect much more better from it but it’s still a small dream for both of us.

April 25, 2011

This is the final one. 8th, May is Mother’s Day. I am sending those cards now. It’s funny and enjoyable to paint cards with simple watercolor lines and shapes. I will continue this project.

Busy happy days in Shanghai

March 17, 2011

Handmade name cards by me. Bananafish is gradually growing bigger. We are happy to see this.

Also the little crying tomato is growing up. Lele is now 8kg weight. My mother said she cannot believe that. I have a fat cute son.

For nearly one month, I raised the baby all by my own. No time to do anything. This will end up with the coming of lele’s grandma and grandpa. Next week we will go back to my hometown to visit my parents.

The Spring is around corner. Perfect day for the whole family.

Origami Mushrooms

February 26, 2011

Do you like origami? Found a great website for origami lovers.

I tried this one: small paper mushrooms. Colorful. Nice to play them with babe this afternoon. He stretched his little hands to touch them and tried to push them down. Cuties.


October 3, 2010

Sorry for my late post, it’s been busy with my new job recent days. What I have been doing last month? check it out here,
my little bookstore and publishing studio finally launched.

The new book will be released by BANANAFISH PUBLISHING, and our simple bookmarks.

Booklist of 2011, handed needlework, 12 pages, 10.5×14.4cm, the cover is a Linocut print drawing by me, inside is plain white paper with 24 solar terms to memorize days and dates of 2011 instead of calendar numbers. This booklist is to record books you buy in the coming year. one month for one page.

It’s a joyful moment when I do the packing for bookstore customers. I hold those rare and limited books or magazines carefully and meaningfully, like they are going to swim (just like a bananafish) to some place, to a new home, to meet new friends, to begin a new journey or life. I hug them and dress them up with nice and clean clothes.

This small online bookstore is the first step for my bookstore/zakka store dream.  I am learning  how to be a bookkeeper.

A perfect book for bananafish, a perfect job for me, buying and selling books I make and things I like.

Also, you can find me here, I am quite active in my miniblog

Long holiday has just began, let’s enjoy this cool autumn days!

Summer ends

September 1, 2010

A little gift box made by me, using the same rubble stamp. It’s very cute.

Suddenly, this summer is over. I am much more happier now. Autumn is my season.

Where is my HOME

August 23, 2010

We had a big fight last night. I was so angry about Wei. He didn’t finish paper work in time as we have scheduled since last year, and he lied to me about that. Most of time, we are fine and happy with life in Shanghai except one thing between us: his homework; he hasn’t finished his study yet.

Sounds ridiculous…but it’s true. I feel upset and sad and weak.

If it were all planned well, we may have lived in a countryside in a small city of German, waiting for the arrival of the babe. While all this is unexpected now. I really do not like the big city. I have no idea why I have stayed in Shanghai for the whole year. I want go back to my hometown so eagerly and desperately, but under such circumstances, I can do nothing at all. Work work work, life life life, money money money, all these nuisances are around us.

Take me home, a place really called home.

Paper works with stamps

August 21, 2010

I did some rubble stamps paper works these days. Stamped them to different materials like watercolor paper and linen texture. The pum tree flowers are bookmarks I made for myself. I bought some fine Kraft paper from taobao and it got in my house this morning.  I am going to make much more bookmarks with Kraft paper and will add it to my tomato shop this month!

I really like the roughness and softness of  rubble stamp prints. Hope you have a nice weekend, xo.