In the Woods

July 27, 2013






Summer 2013


March 24, 2013

Wei will leave Nanchang for Shanghai about 3 months. Finally finally, a job hunter’s destination arrives. He found a job he loves: car designer.

Blue playground

January 15, 2013




The other sunny day, we took little crying tomato to the river side near our apartment. Playing sands, throwing stones and running together etc. A pleasant family day.

The winter vocation just begins. A really long one. I need to plan well before it is wasted.

Green Banana

December 19, 2012

Wei, this is exactly what we what for our Bananafish stuido!!! photo from Booksactually (an adorable bookstore in Singapore)

Falling Leaves

July 14, 2012

Falling leaves from the garden.

A Rainy Weekend

April 21, 2012

Around the store, the neighborhood has some plants and flowers blossoming in this spring days now. I picked some fresh leaves for shooting photobooks this afternoon.

I have a little change this month, a better one for me and the family. I am happy with that. Thank you my dear Wei.


April 10, 2011

One day trip to Su Zhou.


February 25, 2011

Shot on the fight from Dalian to Shanghai

I decided to be a full-time mom.

Or to be exactly, be a half-time shop keeper of Bananafish bookshop and half-time mother of my baby. Everyday, Lele and I stay together all day along. We laugh and cry sometimes; fight and struggle sometimes; sleep and go out together; love and hate each other!

He is my angel and is my monster. He is my heaven and is my hell. I’m really not qualified to be a mother. Pregnancy is just staying with yourself, while afterwards, the happy journey ends up and i feel like falling into a hole. I cried to say out that I am too young to have a baby. I have so many things to do with my new Bananafish pool. But having another little man is such a different situation.

All my friends come to see me, i will try to persuade them not to have baby so early. While life is in front of you.

CHALLENGE AND SIMPLE, please. Crying tomato VS Little crying tomato.

Simple Summer

August 18, 2010

Found a lovely summer here on Simply photo, and good to know her simply breakfast is still under progressing.


July 19, 2010


June 28, 2010

Today’s summer afternoon hiking really refreshed me. I took a lot of deep breaths and felt quite healthy!

I went to the Century Park in this rainy day. It has been raining all these days, damp air, damp house, damp me. Gave myself a reason to close to nature. In a suburb area, a park is really an underground forrest, an oasis for citizens. Nothing disturbs here and could destroy here. I walked along the river and muddy little roads. All front of me was green and green. Occasionally butterflies and unknown birds flew though my head.

Before I left house, I prepared a small bag. With the bag, I collected various falling leaves, flowers and branches, yeah, and a pinecone. I love pinecones. They remind me of squirrel. Rain dropped all along the way, intensive but light. Though I know I cannot have a cold at this moment, I closed the umbrella and left myself expose to rain and sky. I am ok till now :  )

What is your way to be natural and be refreshed?