From Seeds to Fruits

August 13, 2013

My little boy had planted the tomato seeds with us at the end of April. During this period, he always watered them and took care of them. After four months’ growing, we get those orange baby tomatoes in our balcony with green leaves! The seeds we bought were orange tomato not the red ! They are so beautiful and lovely. We are going to pick them (only five :)) and let him eat them directly.

He may gradually realizes how things come out from the very beginning: seeds-sprout-leaves-flowers-fruits.


February 14, 2013

My paperwhite since 2013. The only happy thing about reading is to read more. The new small device makes me away from internet and iphone. Stay more time alone and think more for this moment.

I love you

January 10, 2013

他看着我,清楚地对我说:“妈妈,我爱你。”  这三个字虽然我怀疑他并不完全明白它的含义和份量,而每一个字都让我感动到哭。是的,我看着他哭着。他高兴地说:“妈妈,哭大大的,哭大大的。” Wei在旁边肯定地说:他一定知道你需要大声地哭出来,哭能缓解你内心的压力和不快。


「a quote from new life 」

November 28, 2012








We could not think more than this.


July 15, 2012

Playing with afternoon sunshine.

Bookstore view

March 5, 2012

After two months bookstore running, Wei and I are nearly exhausted with our daily routine and loads of work. Publishing and printing take so much energy and time. We decided only to open weekends for the bookstore space. Although we spent much money in designing Bananafish Books storefront, we are struggling to realize that Bananafish Books’ targeted customers are not from local Dalian. The most profit of store comes from our online shop. Customers spread among everywhere and rarely in Dalian city. This is a cruel situation.

While that is fine. Only opening during weekends which can save two more days for publishing and printing projects.

Last night, I cried again. I like crying so much_<.

Hello Spring

February 18, 2012

The apartment where I live now is quite near to two bookstores: Mu Wen Tang and Xinhua Bookstore. I buy all my books in local bookstores except some are not available there. There are two big shelves specializing stocked Japanese novels in Dalian Xinhua. I am so happy to browse books there and take my fav ones home.  These are pocket books which I can read on the way to my own bookstore  by bus and sometimes sunshine follows me. The air is fresh in the morning like soap bubbles… …Spring is coming! Hope is getting warmer and warmer. Wei and I cannot wait taking Little crying tomato to the park and do the exercises.

Have a sweet weekend to you all who is still reading my mini blog.

Little poor family

December 21, 2011

I have a sweet home but i have a bitter heart. I always forget to treat myself well. Yes, that’s the word: forget to… I used to be the one cares myself but now i even cannot remember the thought. Is this the gap between the single one and the married one?

Wei, all these nightmares can disappear only because you are by my side. All those fights and cries between us are out of disappointments to myself. I demand much more than i can afford. Not materially but the satisfaction to a girl like me, a poor girl.

/////////up is grey///////

////////down is blue/////

We spend all our money to build the store for Bananafish Books. That’s my pressure and my pleasure. We start from Zero like we began our life in Shanghai two years ago.

This is what it looks like:

How much do I love Blue? Bananafish is in a blue house. He is a small fish, but we image he swims in the capacious blue sea. We will try to make it full of happiness and fun in the future.

September 27, 2011


August 5, 2011

We went to the beach again, rushing onto see the last moment of sunset.

Beach in Dalian

July 31, 2011

This afternoon, Wei took me on a bike to a beach nearby. It is said this is the most beautiful sea around Da lian. The weather is cool with sunshine warmness. The sea is one of the reasons I have ever imaged i will fall in love with this city. The sea is one of the connections between Wei and I, when we did not met each other, when we departed from Paris, when we got engaged in Sanya. We promise the sea is forever love.

May 5, 2011

Today he is half a year’s old (2010.11.5–2011.5.5). Like plants, like smiling, like looking at you quietly, like everything colorful.

April 30, 2011

Two year’s later. I have been in Shanghai for two year! The last day of April, I said to myself, I was so brave to hold the mind of going to paris all alone. I met Wei here and we fell in love with each other.

If I followed my parents words and did not go to paris that time, what would happen nowadays? I cannot image and i am afraid to image life without Wei.

When you are grown-up, please be independent and have your own idea. Do things you want to do. This is one thing I learned from my experience these years.

Happy Holidays and have a great weekend. My high school classmates are going to visit me the day after tomorrow.

Numbersics Anniversary

March 7, 2011

Found those photos in an old album of computer. You can still enjoy all the numbersics’ photos here. A gift to Wei 3 years ago for Children’s Day.

Wei and I met each other at the beginning of March, 2008.

Flower House

February 10, 2011

I made a flower house for the baby when he was not born, early October last year.

Sometime somewhere, I am still in love with art.


January 6, 2011

For those you who visit this blog may have known my baby had come to this world on Nov.5. I am writing a photoblog for him under the name of Little Crying Tomato. You are welcome to see us everyday.

Days fly like nobody ever leaves any footprints. I need to write down my feelings to memorise moments of being a mother. I push myself to write diary now ’cause I am so easy to forget days are so lovely and days are anguished at the same time.

Be with me.

Settle Down

October 28, 2010


Fog Linen+New Home

October 15, 2010

Made from high-quality materials like raw linen from Lithuania, the integrity of the materials makes Fog Linen Work’s pieces long-lasting. Their simple, natural designs also mean they won’t go in or out of fashion. Anyone who appreciates craftsmanship will love Fog Linen Work.

First knew this brand occasionally from browsing on websites, I definitely fell in love with its simple design and soft feeling. And one day when I was alone in a cafeteria shop near Jing’an Temple, I grab September issue of Ming(明日风尚9月刊)magazine. The feature of September is Handicraft. There was a specific introduction about Fog Linen which made me love Fog much more, we call it Addict!

I am dreaming  to decorate my new house all with fog linen works.

All this meets my another 2-year life goal: I plan to be the distributor  of  Fog linen in China  in the next two years! wish me luck :  )

…. …. …. …. ….

We have such a messy week ’cause we are moving to a new place, after more than one-year’s staying in one apartment. This time, we found a nice and cosy apartment for the whole family (while is also very expensive renting for us, nearly cannot afford it). Wei and I hope to give our coming baby a comfortable living from the beginning of his life.

The new house has a small working place, therefore, we are also planning to make this small working space change to an  interior bookstore exhibition space for our Bananafish Books.

I am sure to show you some pictures when everything is ready. Another weekend is just around the corner now. Hope you have a nice weekend. See you later~(with a new start…)

You are my sunshine.

August 12, 2010


Sweet Home

June 26, 2010

photos from Cinq Design Japan