Where is my HOME

August 23, 2010

We had a big fight last night. I was so angry about Wei. He didn’t finish paper work in time as we have scheduled since last year, and he lied to me about that. Most of time, we are fine and happy with life in Shanghai except one thing between us: his homework; he hasn’t finished his study yet.

Sounds ridiculous…but it’s true. I feel upset and sad and weak.

If it were all planned well, we may have lived in a countryside in a small city of German, waiting for the arrival of the babe. While all this is unexpected now. I really do not like the big city. I have no idea why I have stayed in Shanghai for the whole year. I want go back to my hometown so eagerly and desperately, but under such circumstances, I can do nothing at all. Work work work, life life life, money money money, all these nuisances are around us.

Take me home, a place really called home.

Paper works with stamps

August 21, 2010

I did some rubble stamps paper works these days. Stamped them to different materials like watercolor paper and linen texture. The pum tree flowers are bookmarks I made for myself. I bought some fine Kraft paper from taobao and it got in my house this morning.  I am going to make much more bookmarks with Kraft paper and will add it to my tomato shop this month!

I really like the roughness and softness of  rubble stamp prints. Hope you have a nice weekend, xo.

Simple Summer

August 18, 2010

Found a lovely summer here on Simply photo, and good to know her simply breakfast is still under progressing.


August 17, 2010

It is fun to draw with computer and watercolor.


August 16, 2010

The seventh month of me and the babe.
Weight: 53kg


Our new posting guest just showed up today in Simple Style, just after half a year’s break.  Filled with handicraft stuffs around me, I think this is the point I recharged myself with new energy. The weather is unbearable hot but I think it a clue to cheer me up.

Weekend+Rubble Stamps

Happy weekend with wei at home. I was making something while he was fixing his  MBP (maybe bad luck for him…)

My dear sister came to visit me this week for dinner. We haven’t seen each other for a long time. I cried over the phone saying I miss her so much. I told my babe, though my elder sister is not my soulmate, she is the one I love so much, admire and respect deeply.

You are my sunshine.

August 12, 2010


Magnetic Bookmarks

Little magnetic bookmarks made by me. When you use these bookmarks to your books, you may recall the laid-back life of the movie Megane and the sound of blue sea. The attitude of life we all want to have in the whole time.

Two small soft magnets inside the bookmark to keep them closed. It won’t lose from your book and easy to open the last  page you just read. Six as a set and images from the movie poster.

I am making more styles from my own drawings!

Good Morning!

August 8, 2010

Good morning breakfast from here.



August 6, 2010

I am working on a new idea.. …If I could make it well, I will send them as a gift to some bookstore owners, booklovers friends and my familiar strangers of my blog! I am so excited.

My linen cloth just arrived today which I ordered from taobao two days ago. 2 meters… it isn’t exactly what I have expected to be. Whiter would be great, while, it may still work for my handicraft playground.

I have to figure out what I want to do with it. The time being with myself is full of lots of fun. But I love much more when I am with Wei. Two days weekend, we will go to a pregnant club to have a class and then we will go to swimming pool near our apartment. Wei needs much more exercises these days.

I think I can be a good wife and mum and a professional lady.

Have a nice weekend to you, xxoo.


August 5, 2010

用剩下的亚麻布做了一个装种子的小袋子(tiny one),等不久的将来,我们一家四口(加上小青蛙)搬到乡下去的时候,就用来盛放四季的种子。排在最前面的种子,当然是西红柿啦。

Natural Placemats

August 4, 2010

These natural color dots are inspirations from green leaves in our backyard and blue clouds on the sky. When you drink water with the placemats, will you feel like you are just walking around the forest in such a hot day?

They also remind me of the movie: 《海鸥食堂》

Save the earth

August 3, 2010

the earth we had before…

the earth we are living now…

a few things I can do:

1. no air-conditioner when I am alone at home;

2. drink as much as water, do not buy soft drink and ice-cream;

3. eat fresh vegetable and healthy rice;

4.we always ride bike to some places;

5.eat all food I cook;

… …

what are your daily habits to save this planet?

Where is Rain

So hot! cannot go out for anywhere but stay at home and miss rainy days…