Settle Down

October 28, 2010


Fog Linen+New Home

October 15, 2010

Made from high-quality materials like raw linen from Lithuania, the integrity of the materials makes Fog Linen Work’s pieces long-lasting. Their simple, natural designs also mean they won’t go in or out of fashion. Anyone who appreciates craftsmanship will love Fog Linen Work.

First knew this brand occasionally from browsing on websites, I definitely fell in love with its simple design and soft feeling. And one day when I was alone in a cafeteria shop near Jing’an Temple, I grab September issue of Ming(明日风尚9月刊)magazine. The feature of September is Handicraft. There was a specific introduction about Fog Linen which made me love Fog much more, we call it Addict!

I am dreaming  to decorate my new house all with fog linen works.

All this meets my another 2-year life goal: I plan to be the distributor  of  Fog linen in China  in the next two years! wish me luck :  )

…. …. …. …. ….

We have such a messy week ’cause we are moving to a new place, after more than one-year’s staying in one apartment. This time, we found a nice and cosy apartment for the whole family (while is also very expensive renting for us, nearly cannot afford it). Wei and I hope to give our coming baby a comfortable living from the beginning of his life.

The new house has a small working place, therefore, we are also planning to make this small working space change to an  interior bookstore exhibition space for our Bananafish Books.

I am sure to show you some pictures when everything is ready. Another weekend is just around the corner now. Hope you have a nice weekend. See you later~(with a new start…)


October 4, 2010

Eighth month of me and the babe, yeah, and our another child, little frog: Mr. Jeremy Fisher.

week 35, weight: 57kg.


October 3, 2010

Sorry for my late post, it’s been busy with my new job recent days. What I have been doing last month? check it out here,
my little bookstore and publishing studio finally launched.

The new book will be released by BANANAFISH PUBLISHING, and our simple bookmarks.

Booklist of 2011, handed needlework, 12 pages, 10.5×14.4cm, the cover is a Linocut print drawing by me, inside is plain white paper with 24 solar terms to memorize days and dates of 2011 instead of calendar numbers. This booklist is to record books you buy in the coming year. one month for one page.

It’s a joyful moment when I do the packing for bookstore customers. I hold those rare and limited books or magazines carefully and meaningfully, like they are going to swim (just like a bananafish) to some place, to a new home, to meet new friends, to begin a new journey or life. I hug them and dress them up with nice and clean clothes.

This small online bookstore is the first step for my bookstore/zakka store dream.  I am learning  how to be a bookkeeper.

A perfect book for bananafish, a perfect job for me, buying and selling books I make and things I like.

Also, you can find me here, I am quite active in my miniblog

Long holiday has just began, let’s enjoy this cool autumn days!