September 27, 2011

September Pool

September 3, 2011

Wei and I had decided to stay in Dalian until the little one grows up (kingdergaten maybe). So, these two or three years, we should do something that really excites us to console any disappointment living in a small city. While I love staying in a small city, if the city is clean and ordered. (Da lian, in a big city construction stage, everything here is unpleasant then.)

This is our plan: Building a real pool for Bananafish Books!! We are going to have a storefront in October, ready to welcome customers. And other projects we think could connect with the space: mini gallery, mini events, mini gathering, mini workshop, mini printing, mini bookfair… … why all mini ones?

Hia hia, because the space is so little: only 18 m m~! Due to the budget and renting, we cannot afford a larger space. But I am so happy and lucky to find a place that fullfills my little store daydreaming.

So, please wait us for a month, we are now busy in decorating the room. Tired but excited.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.