New Year Resolutions III

January 7, 2012

Bananafish Books/A Perfect Book/Pausebread Press  is our career. Qing&Wei’s whole future. Both of us love photobooks and zines, loving making zines and books for our favorite artists friends, loving printing and paper works, love the products of designed. At end of last year, we built a pool for three projects. We work here, meet visitors and discuss plans in here. While in the year of 2012, we want to step out of the pool and “swim” outside.

The new year resolutions for Bananafish are:

We will take Bananafish to different cities of China and different countries of World.

Wei and I plan to take our selected photobooks and zines to sell in four cities of China this year. Each season we will close the shop and go out to places we have never been to sell the books, to let more readers to know the culture of Zine and photobooks, to spread the concept of independent publishing and making paper stuff of your own. We welcome all kinds of self-publishing works (while still have picky principles) and would love to sell them in our store. So if you are doing this, please get in touch, drop us an email then. Traveling around to sell books is a big plan. We will work on that after the Spring festival.

Involving into different events of photobooks and zines fair in the artpaper world. This year’s Tokyo Artbook Fair is our first stop. I mean we will go there personally to present Bananafish Books and A Perfect Book works. And then the plan is this year’s New York artbook fair. I want to meet Benjamin Sommerhalder (Nieves) and David (Hassla) and many other old friends of Bananafish Books. …

To publish 5 photobooks and zines within this year for A Perfect Book. Our second photobook will come out this Feb and we are so exciting about our second photographer! The third, forth, and fifth are yet to be decided. While this is the one too, we love to find art works. This is also why Simple Style is here. The whole journey is so charming and expecting. This is all about indie publishing.

Pausebread Press is our new project. We are now having five Riso colors! The sound of machine is a sound you can feel that you are working hard :  ) We would like to introduce the sense of riso printing to more chinese people. To welcome more customers use our machine to print their artworks, posters, magazines, zines, photobooks, pamphlets this year.  We will also encourage them to sell their works to others. Maybe at the end of this year, we will hold a fair to celebrate the success of Riso Printing in China and show all the works we have printed to visitors (in Beijing or in Shanghai). chief editor Yanyou invited Bananafish Books a few days ago to work together for building the first Art Zine Library of China with him. We are happy to say yes! So another resolution is to pray for this works out and exhibit our collections in different cities.

Done! All three resolution watercolor works are painted by me.
Hope you a very happy new year and all the best._Qing Zhou

New Year Resolutions II

January 6, 2012

Save more

After having Bananafish Bookstore, a real storefront, the whole family is really poor now. Our savings is so shameful. One important reason is as a girl I do not have the sense of financing. Spending money without plan is a bad habit since I was a child. We need to save more for little crying tomato ’cause he will go to kindergarden one year later. We need to save more for the store and for the publishing studio ’cause we have so much dreams about that. We need to save more for a stable life, for renting a bigger house (we still do not like to buy an apartment yet), for not moving so frequently.  So, i started opening an account for the family. Save money into this account every week! let’s see what we will have in the end of this year~

Read more

I read few books since I got pregnant! I feel guilty to be a bookstore owner. And most of books i read in 2011 are about design and techs and magazines and essays. I rarely read novels and philosophy books. But they are the core of reading. So in the year of 2012, I want to begin my journey of reading from them. Please recommend some to me if you see my resolutions, thank you! There will be no quantity limitations of reading. I do not like to count how many books one have read through a year or a month. So read when you have time, make the time full of value when you read, make the value plant in your heart when you behave.

Write more

During 2005-2009, I wrote a lot, mostly my diary and my mood. But i stopped writing blog since I got married and had baby…(why?) I admit that I am not good at writing beautiful words and essays. But I am a good story teller. I hold the confidence. You may wonder being a bookstore keeper, I must have a lot of stories to tell. It is true, but it is not important I think. Then write what? I want to write down my reading notes firstly. Start from being a student who is now learning how to write for the future. Start from translating fairy stories ’cause I still have a dream to be Fairy translator. Easy ways to begin writing more and accumulate my confidence of writing again my story! I will also make a record on this blog.

(To be continued…)

New Year Resolutions I

Be a good mom.

We missed some cheers at the point of new year because the whole family was sick! Little crying tomato got sick…Wei’s parents got sick…Wei got cough and I felt dizzy. All of us spent our new year’s day in the house and on the bed. >_<  While the great happiness is that I feel so real that I am a mom these days. I took care of my little boy from early morning till late night. He needs me, speaks to me (baby words), hugs me, kisses me, relies on me, plays with me, be with me until sleep, in his world you are everything. Among some breaks, I cried to smile, smiled to cry. This is the first time i feel the happiness of being a mother.  The little one grows up every day. He is a child now. He knows what we are talking about. He is naughty but so cute and gentle. I want to see you everyday Lele, be your side. The first new year’s resolution of me is to be a good mom of my boy. Learn how to, do what should be done, spend more time with him and teach him as a happy child.

Be a good wife.

Wei and I are so dependent on each other. We almost stay together every day for nearly three years and are still not bored with this. I am proud of that. But I have to think thoroughly if this is what we want in the following years. I think between us we have to give another a moment of personal space. I am very moody, always find myself in a continuous unstable emotionally change. We do not fight too much all out of Wei’s tolerant and generous personnel education. Therefore, I should tell myself I have being a grown-up. I am nearly 30. I should act as an adult, as an affectionate wife. In the year of 2012, I want to be a good wife. Cooking more delicious food for the whole family is the most wishful thing I want to learn this year. I would like to post this on this blog to push myself. And to be a good wife, another important thing is to encourage Wei. I blame myself for what i have done to him last year. I argued with him a lot for his slowness and no sense of timing. Not his fault, it is from my irritable quality. I am so anxious. I am totally a mope. That’s what i want to change this year. Be patient with everything, particularly for Wei’s design, both of graphic and product design.

(To be continued…)