March 23, 2012


Just finished March Zine a few days ago, I can take a break from the busy routine of publishing and bookstore. Since the beginning of 2012, we set a new goal for the whole studio, I feel like working in Bananafish as working for a magazine. Each issue is in a monthly frequency and each month is fulfilled with the same procedures. That is good. Really really stable and comfortable life in Dalian. By the way, I am learning how to share loads of work with my assistants.

Ningville is one of my favorite authors and admirable female friend. From her words, I can always feel tranquility and sensation. That’s what I always lose when I am busy. Ning, Thank you so much for you and your words.

Her blog: http://blog.tianya.cn/ningville

Bookstore view

March 5, 2012

After two months bookstore running, Wei and I are nearly exhausted with our daily routine and loads of work. Publishing and printing take so much energy and time. We decided only to open weekends for the bookstore space. Although we spent much money in designing Bananafish Books storefront, we are struggling to realize that Bananafish Books’ targeted customers are not from local Dalian. The most profit of store comes from our online shop. Customers spread among everywhere and rarely in Dalian city. This is a cruel situation.

While that is fine. Only opening during weekends which can save two more days for publishing and printing projects.

Last night, I cried again. I like crying so much_<.


Shall we select a little tree for little crying tomato in spring days this year? We can plant a seed or a baby tree in the park opposite our apartment. Every time I take Lele to the park, we can point out to him that this is your tree. You grow up and it grows up with you. We maybe stay in Dalian for three years or five years, the tree will be a witness of our colorful days.

Exciting! Let’s do it, Wei.