From Seeds to Fruits

August 13, 2013

My little boy had planted the tomato seeds with us at the end of April. During this period, he always watered them and took care of them. After four months’ growing, we get those orange baby tomatoes in our balcony with green leaves! The seeds we bought were orange tomato not the red ! They are so beautiful and lovely. We are going to pick them (only five :)) and let him eat them directly.

He may gradually realizes how things come out from the very beginning: seeds-sprout-leaves-flowers-fruits.

Colourful Life

August 2, 2013

Cannot wait to tell you this stop motion movie produced by me and my husband Wei! To memorize the summer of 2013, Bananafish Books is living a colourful life in a new city and a happy daily life over here.
Will come soon in our online shop‘s header screen.

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August 1, 2013






Recently made magnetic bookmark for the book I am reading: 《小银和我》by Spanish poet Juan Romon Jimenez. Thank you for my dear little crying tomato that helped the shooting. Cutie little hands, I particularly love the fifth one.

Me and Today’s sunshine



Eh…… I am thinking: how could I connect nature, green, water with such a hot day? Nostalgic feelings suddenly filled in my brain. I can still remember 3 years ago, back to 2010 summers days in Shanghai, and I was pregnant. Alone and stuck in that renting room, I tried to make the same hot days as cool as possible by adopting all the ways I could use around the house, to beat the boredom of staying alone. Paper, rubble stamps, watercolor painting, wooden linen cut, linen cloth, magnetic bookmarks, notebooks, etc., what a busy routine!

I miss it, and miss everything that makes me more beautiful and days interesting.

“When people run in circles
It’s a very very
Mad World”


Gary Jules “Mad World”