Little poor family

December 21, 2011

I have a sweet home but i have a bitter heart. I always forget to treat myself well. Yes, that’s the word: forget to… I used to be the one cares myself but now i even cannot remember the thought. Is this the gap between the single one and the married one?

Wei, all these nightmares can disappear only because you are by my side. All those fights and cries between us are out of disappointments to myself. I demand much more than i can afford. Not materially but the satisfaction to a girl like me, a poor girl.

/////////up is grey///////

////////down is blue/////

We spend all our money to build the store for Bananafish Books. That’s my pressure and my pleasure. We start from Zero like we began our life in Shanghai two years ago.

This is what it looks like:

How much do I love Blue? Bananafish is in a blue house. He is a small fish, but we image he swims in the capacious blue sea. We will try to make it full of happiness and fun in the future.

New moon on the sky

December 18, 2011

The Cranberries
Damien Rice
Suzanne Vega
Mazzy Star
Azure Ray
Cocteau Twins
Maximilian Hecker
Elliott Smith

Music on my pillow

Tom Waits
Elvis Presley
Elton John
Iggy Pop
Janis Joplin
Neil Young
Lou Reed
Willie Nelson
Nick Drake
Grateful Dead
David Bowie
Sonic Youth
Leonard Cohen
Joan Baez
Pink Floyd
Sinéad O’Connor

Days of my ears

December 17, 2011

Bob Dylan
The Sex Pistols
Aretha Franklin
The Rolling Stones
The Adverts
Bruce Springsteen
Arrested Development
Chuck Berry
Beach Boys
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

September 27, 2011

September Pool

September 3, 2011

Wei and I had decided to stay in Dalian until the little one grows up (kingdergaten maybe). So, these two or three years, we should do something that really excites us to console any disappointment living in a small city. While I love staying in a small city, if the city is clean and ordered. (Da lian, in a big city construction stage, everything here is unpleasant then.)

This is our plan: Building a real pool for Bananafish Books!! We are going to have a storefront in October, ready to welcome customers. And other projects we think could connect with the space: mini gallery, mini events, mini gathering, mini workshop, mini printing, mini bookfair… … why all mini ones?

Hia hia, because the space is so little: only 18 m m~! Due to the budget and renting, we cannot afford a larger space. But I am so happy and lucky to find a place that fullfills my little store daydreaming.

So, please wait us for a month, we are now busy in decorating the room. Tired but excited.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


August 5, 2011

We went to the beach again, rushing onto see the last moment of sunset.

Blue and Green

August 1, 2011

I like blue and green.They bring fresh air and nature favour.

Beach in Dalian

July 31, 2011

This afternoon, Wei took me on a bike to a beach nearby. It is said this is the most beautiful sea around Da lian. The weather is cool with sunshine warmness. The sea is one of the reasons I have ever imaged i will fall in love with this city. The sea is one of the connections between Wei and I, when we did not met each other, when we departed from Paris, when we got engaged in Sanya. We promise the sea is forever love.


July 30, 2011

What has happened in this country depressed me those days. I am afraid I may forget the sadness so I stayed on the internet day and night, reading news and comments. I want to remember these words and pictures, remember their faces and stories. I feel weak and small in this society.

Pray for them.

summerise two sentences i read from web:




July 12, 2011




June 15, 2011

Wet weather in Shanghai these days.

Little crying tomato is having a high fever from last week. This is the first one the little one got sick. Grandma and grandpa took him to children’s caring massage doing a physical therapy other than a hospital with medicine. After five times massages, Lele is getting better now. The fever goes down. We all feel released.

It maybe only one month we will live in Shanghai. Wei and I decided to move to a seaside city.

My Sketch Book

May 18, 2011

Wei reviewed my sketch book few days ago and found those plants and little friends i painted before.

We had a busy weekend. After working two days and a whole night, Fog Linen Work is finally on sale on the zakka section of Bananafish shopping website. (did you remember i said to myself before i dream to be the distributor of Fog in China last year? i made it : ) )Though we were so tired, we hugged each other happily. The moment of sweet and exciting we will always remember.

If I step out the first one , the following path is the relaxing time. I should be brave to push me with this motto all the time.

Lele changes everyday. He can turn over from face-up to face-down and then face-up and face-down all by his own. you are so cute little crying tomato!

May 10, 2011

image from here

May 5, 2011

Today he is half a year’s old (2010.11.5–2011.5.5). Like plants, like smiling, like looking at you quietly, like everything colorful.





April 30, 2011

Two year’s later. I have been in Shanghai for two year! The last day of April, I said to myself, I was so brave to hold the mind of going to paris all alone. I met Wei here and we fell in love with each other.

If I followed my parents words and did not go to paris that time, what would happen nowadays? I cannot image and i am afraid to image life without Wei.

When you are grown-up, please be independent and have your own idea. Do things you want to do. This is one thing I learned from my experience these years.

Happy Holidays and have a great weekend. My high school classmates are going to visit me the day after tomorrow.

April 25, 2011

This is the final one. 8th, May is Mother’s Day. I am sending those cards now. It’s funny and enjoyable to paint cards with simple watercolor lines and shapes. I will continue this project.


April 22, 2011


Holiday & everyday cards

April 18, 2011

I am designing some mini holiday and everyday cards for our bookstore customers. May 8 is Mother’s Day.


April 10, 2011

One day trip to Su Zhou.


April 7, 2011

From the beginning of April, Wei’s parents are staying with us until we go to Germany. Little crying tomato is so happy with grandpa and grandma. I also feel relaxed after their arrival. Sparing so much time to make stuffs of my own: drawings, handicrafts, book sale and packing design. It’s such a gift and i am grateful.

Natascha Libbert

Works of Natascha Libbert


April 3, 2011



Colors of Spring

April 1, 2011

Happy Weekends.

Busy happy days in Shanghai

March 17, 2011

Handmade name cards by me. Bananafish is gradually growing bigger. We are happy to see this.

Also the little crying tomato is growing up. Lele is now 8kg weight. My mother said she cannot believe that. I have a fat cute son.

For nearly one month, I raised the baby all by my own. No time to do anything. This will end up with the coming of lele’s grandma and grandpa. Next week we will go back to my hometown to visit my parents.

The Spring is around corner. Perfect day for the whole family.

Numbersics Anniversary

March 7, 2011

Found those photos in an old album of computer. You can still enjoy all the numbersics’ photos here. A gift to Wei 3 years ago for Children’s Day.

Wei and I met each other at the beginning of March, 2008.

Origami Mushrooms

February 26, 2011

Do you like origami? Found a great website for origami lovers.

I tried this one: small paper mushrooms. Colorful. Nice to play them with babe this afternoon. He stretched his little hands to touch them and tried to push them down. Cuties.


February 25, 2011

Shot on the fight from Dalian to Shanghai

I decided to be a full-time mom.

Or to be exactly, be a half-time shop keeper of Bananafish bookshop and half-time mother of my baby. Everyday, Lele and I stay together all day along. We laugh and cry sometimes; fight and struggle sometimes; sleep and go out together; love and hate each other!

He is my angel and is my monster. He is my heaven and is my hell. I’m really not qualified to be a mother. Pregnancy is just staying with yourself, while afterwards, the happy journey ends up and i feel like falling into a hole. I cried to say out that I am too young to have a baby. I have so many things to do with my new Bananafish pool. But having another little man is such a different situation.

All my friends come to see me, i will try to persuade them not to have baby so early. While life is in front of you.

CHALLENGE AND SIMPLE, please. Crying tomato VS Little crying tomato.

Flower House

February 10, 2011

I made a flower house for the baby when he was not born, early October last year.

Sometime somewhere, I am still in love with art.

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